Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Frank J. Schmitt

Primary Subject Area

Religion, Clergy; Religion, General; Sociology, Organizational


This dissertation focuses on the meaning of church planting, and the successful church planning through radio broadcasting and its benefit in Thai missions. Radio broadcasting is the best way of opening up the door for spreading the gospel to start church planting. The research focuses on founding and organizing the broadcasting station in the hopes of giving non Christians opportunities to hear the gospel for the first time, and helping them to become Chris like.

The potential radio broadcasting missions carry, the meaning of it all, and the efficiency behind planting a church through the broadcasting missions is examined. These are done through the data extracted from the personal experience in the current mission field to stress the positive outcome, and to point out the direction to the successful church planting.

The content especially deals with the consequence of spreading the gospel through radio broadcasting and planting a church in Buddhist country like Thai who have hostility towards Christianity. Showing the positive example of the Christian community in Thai motivates Thai people to be interested in the gospel. Therefore, building the radio broadcasting community and operating it to bring about the true Christian community in Thai is presented.