School of Nursing


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Dorothy Murphy


TeamSTEPPS®, Interprofessional, Team, Communication, Problems


Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing | Psychiatry and Psychology


The AACN has identified in their QSEN competencies that collaborative teamwork and patient-centered care are two qualities that skilled nurses must exhibit to provide high-quality care. The IOM has made a call to action that healthcare professionals must exhibit patient-centered care in interdisciplinary team settings to achieve high-quality care. At a community resource program in the mid-Atlantic region, a recent qualitative job satisfaction survey revealed that employees identified issues with interprofessional collaboration and a lack of teamwork at the facility. Using the Iowa Model, this EBP project involves the use of a cohort study with a pretest-posttest design, where the TeamSTEPPS® evidence-based teamwork methodologies were implemented. At pre-intervention and post-intervention, a sample of outpatient psychiatry professionals completed the T-TAQ and JSS, to assess their attitudes and knowledge about teamwork concepts, as well as their job satisfaction. The Office Champion provided three weekly trainings on TeamSTEPPS® methodologies and strategies were implemented into the office setting. Results demonstrated an increase in mean total score for the T-TAQ and increases in scores related to team structure, mutual support, and situation monitoring, indicating that attendance of the training is key for improvement. Results of the JSS were inconsistent, showing an increase in satisfaction with pay, promotion, contingent rewards, and coworkers. An increase in mean total score was noted. However, results were incongruent with attendance. Mean scores decreased as attendance increased. TeamSTEPPS® methodologies were adopted by the community resource program as an outcome.