School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Taeseong Kim


Public Nature of the Gospel, Renewal of Worship, Social Responsibility of the Gospel, Evangelicalism, Holistic Worship


Christianity | Ethics in Religion | Practical Theology | Religion


The Korean church which advocated evangelicalism is now in crisis. It is because the actual meaning of the Kingdom of God and the public and social significance of the gospel have been lost while the aspect of the individual salvation or the church itself has been its primary concern. As a result of losing the social meaning of sin and salvation, Christianity as a holistic truth has been excluded from the public sphere and is merely regarded as a personal religion. The gospel and the church, which have been reduced to religion and institutions and have acquiesced in the divided truth, are no longer making an influence in our society. In this regard, the Korean Church in crisis needs a careful theological reflection on the public concern of the gospel and on what the current meaning of the Kingdom of God is. At the same time, The Korean Church needs to find practical ways to restore trust in our society. This study is designed to reflect the aforementioned theological concern and suggest efficient methods to help restore the public nature of the Gospel. This study will look back on where the initial vision and starting point of evangelicalism were. It will show that the cause of the current crisis was not from outside of the church but from inside. Furthermore, under the premise of local churches establishing the public nature of the Gospel and convincing the believers that all areas of life belong to the category of worship, the researcher will argue that true worship will be renewed. Therefore, this study will evaluate the worship renewal of the Korean church in connection with the restoration of the public nature of the gospel through case studies on the Seed Church, JubileeTogether, and CRIS. Potential values and the goal of this study are to remind the church of its original missions as a visible mark and acting agency of the Kingdom of God; to establish justice and peace and display the evidence of holistic faith and concrete life in the public sphere.