Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Fred C. Smith


Sonship, Spiritual Fathers, Spiritual Sons, Spiritual Daughters, Fathers, Models of Spiritual Fathers and Sons


Christianity | Counseling | Leadership Studies | Religion


This research exposes and explains the biblical concept and purpose of sonship in the church. More specifically, it will illustrate an effective model of the spiritual father and son relationship between pastors and their leaders and followers showing how to duplicate the same patterns according to God’s design for the Church. The rationale for this topic is derived from perceiving the need to address the deficiency in the effective duplication of leadership within the Church. Regarding leadership, much of the Church has neglected or deviated from the need for spiritual fathers to leaders and how this biblical concept and principle is to be used in an effective and legacy-building Church. This research will be approached first by giving historical and current data of the father-like relationship biblical leaders had with their followers and its significance. This research will utilize Scriptural models of relationships between leaders and followers in the Bible to demonstrate how churches can effectively apply this spiritual fatherhood model for the concept of sonship.