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Compassion Fatigue, Compassion Fatigue Clinicians, Compassion Fatigue Intervention, Compassion Fatigue Critical Care


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Compassion fatigue is a pressing issue in critical care units across the healthcare field. There is a sincere desire by nurses to give the best care possible to each of their patients; however, many obligations split the nurse’s attention so they do not feel as if they are providing the best care to their patients. When nurses stop viewing their patients as humans and start viewing them as tasks, the compassion that the nursing profession prides itself on, is no longer there to the degree that is needed for quality care. Increasing awareness of compassion fatigue and teaching nurses and staff how to identify and combat this is imperative to the future of nursing. The purpose of this scholarly project was to raise awareness of compassion fatigue among healthcare clinicians in the CCU setting of a community-based hospital and to provide them with strategies and interventions that can be utilized to combat this pressing phenomena of interest. This scholarly project evaluated existing knowledge surrounding compassion fatigue in a pre-test and a ProQol 5 pre-survey. An educational intervention was conducted to educate staff on compassion fatigue. Two weeks later a post-test and ProQol 5 post-survey was given to determine if there was any improvement in the compassion fatigue scores after the educational intervention. The results showed no statistical difference between the pre- and post-test or the ProQol 5 pre- and post-surveys.