School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Donald P. Ellsworth


Worship, Worship Leader, Worshiper, Spiritual Gifts, Hymns, Worship Music


Liturgy and Worship | Music


One of the most important aspects of the role of worship leader, is that of choosing relevant worship materials. The use of hymns has enhanced worship for ages. The trends of the current age have precipitated a concern and need for conscientious selection of music, along with appropriate application of the singing of hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs. A major consideration in worship planning is to utilize music which reaches all generations. The impetus of this study is primarily based upon biblical, historical, theological, philosophical, methodological, and observational practice of worship. The research focuses upon the importance of planning and implementing worship music based upon realization and practice of the spiritual gifts. This study will examine the spiritual gifts, observe the roles of the worship leader and worshiper, and explore the use of hymns as influenced by the gifts of the Spirit. Furthermore, this research will establish a synchronization between worship, the worship leader, and the worshiper, through hymns which are based upon and reflective of the spiritual gifts. A devotional guide, utilizing hymns as a source of meditation will be provided. The guide will be organized into the topical areas of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, wisdom, healing, and encouragement.