Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Rol Erickson


Value-based Leadership, Theory of Planned Behavior, Biblical-based Values, International Business Transactions, Business Ethics


Business | International Business | Leadership Studies


The general business problem is conflicting values between faith-based businesses and hosting countries can adversely affect business performance. The problem may be the gap between business leaders and organizational values and host country values. The specific business problem is some faith-based business leaders lack strategies to mitigate incongruousness between the core values of their organizations and the contrary values of foreign cultures to effectively conduct international business. The purpose of this qualitative case study research is to explore what strategies biblically based business leaders use to mitigate incongruousness between the core values of their business and contrary values of foreign cultures in international business transactions to maximize organizational performance. The theoretical framework of this study is the theory of planned behavior and value-based leadership. The two are complementary and can be used to positively impact business transactions by mitigating the incongruences between values and profit maximization. The significance of this study is that the data supports the ideas that leaders can influence behavioral outcomes through strategies that focus on biblical based values and policies. Additionally, these strategies align with biblical teachings.