School of Education


Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)


Tracey Pritchard


College Graduates, Community Cultural Wealth, Familial Capital, Family Values, Latino, Undocumented.




The purpose of this multi-case study is to discover the common family values of Latino families living in Chicago that were passed down from the parent to the child and how those values may have enabled the child to complete a four-year college degree. This study employed a multi-case qualitative study design. The participants were 12 Latina/o parents in Chicago who had at least one child who had graduated from a four-year college. Data were collected from interviews, field notes, and documents. A pattern-finding approach was used for data analysis. In this study, all participants shared family values that they believed were important to teach their children. Half of the participants each said that faith and respect were important family values. Three-fourths of the participants reported that their method of teaching their children these values was by modeling the behavior or by setting an example. Half of the participants reported that their children faced discrimination at some point during school. Of the 12 participants, 10 reported how they believed the family values they taught their children helped them overcome discrimination and other hardships.

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