School of Education


Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)


Christy James


SAT, Standardized, Assessment, PA Keystone University Preparedness


Education | Educational Leadership


SAT scores have a role in whether or not high school graduates get accepted into the school of their choice, as well as the program of study. Pennsylvania requires students to participate in Keystone Exams, assessments concentrating on one subject area at a time, given sequentially upon the students’ course completion. Both assessments are used as a projection of how well a student will perform at his or her next level of study. Universities look at SAT scores, ACT scores, high school grade point averages (HSGPA), core subject grades, etc. to evaluate whether or not the student will be admitted into the universities. The quantitative research conducted is to prove or disprove whether not the SAT scores, and more specifically Pennsylvania English Language Arts Keystone (PA ELA Keystone) scores correctly predict university level preparedness. Bivariate correlations and multiple regressions will be completed to measure the correlation between the individual assessments and university preparedness. Keywords: American College Testing (ACT), academic preparedness, college preparedness, Pennsylvania English Language Arts Keystone Exam (PA ELA Keystone), SAT (formally known as the Scholastic Assessment Test or the Scholastic Aptitude Test), self-efficacy, standardized assessment