Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


David Duby


Six Sigma, Leadership Commitment, Project Management, Leadership Support, Sponsorship


Project managers face numerous challenges when implementing projects in an organization. Barriers project managers can face include employees’ resistance to change, failed sustainment of solutions, and inadequate time and resources available for their project work. Each of these conundrums can be eased when leaders of the organization support the project managers in their efforts. A system focused on reducing problems and errors is Six Sigma. Six Sigma has been touted as one of the most impactful problem-solving systems deployed. This system uses statistical analysis and a project approach to problem solving. Through the elimination of waste, Six Sigma practitioners find success in improving quality, productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. Though the system has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results for well-known companies, some organizations struggle to sustain the system. One of the critical success factors to the success of implementing and sustaining Six Sigma is leadership commitment. When leaders champion the implementation effort, the project to introduce and incorporate a Six Sigma program is much more likely to be completed successfully. This study is designed to examine how project managers can garner leadership support while executing a project to implement Six Sigma. Six Sigma practitioners need leaders to engage in the effort and support implementation efforts to ensure their projects are successful.