School of Behavioral Sciences


Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision (PhD)


Fredrick Volk


Central Component of Identity, Identity Formulation, Kairos Moment, Pornography Addiction, Pornography Use, Turning Point in Life Stories


Counseling | Counselor Education | Social and Behavioral Sciences


There has been an increase in research focused on the influence that pornography use has on an individual. Observations of dysfunction with pornography users, in both clinical and religious settings, have driven a large part of this increase in research. Current research findings on religiosity and incongruent sexual behaviors further support the need to examine the correlation between the individual and their pornography use, especially with religious users. To date, there has been no research in the literature addressing the connection between the individual’s beliefs towards their pornography use and the effect of these beliefs on their identity or other externalized interactions and experiences. Also, there has been no research in the literature that proposes a way to measure this interaction. To bridge this gap, this study modified the Centrality of Event Scale to focus specifically on the perception of how pornography use impacts their identity and externalized interactions and experiences. The findings from this study demonstrated, for religious pornography users, a relationship between their pornography use and both their internalization (i.e., identity) and externalization (the way they view their world).. These findings have begun to fill the gap in the literature and substantiate the need for additional research in this area. Also, the findings from this study have implications for counselors who work with individuals who experience dysfunction with their pornography use, supervisors who consult with clinical staff, and counselor educators who prepare future counselors to enter the field.