School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Vernon M. Whaley


Artist, Biblical, Performance, Precedent, Theology, Worship


Music | Music Performance | Music Practice | Music Theory | Other Music


As a performing artist, the author suggests in an “American Idol” culture, Christian artists have largely lost their identity as worshipers with a ministry of the Gospel through music. The Christian performing artist has the responsibility to commit to spiritual maturity and personal growth. This thesis project proposes the artist is a communicator of the Gospel through music and seeks to substantiate the Christian performing artist through biblical, historical, and educational rationale and precedent. Biblical rationale of the Christian performing artist is considered in Old Testament and New Testament principle and precedent. Historical rationale and precedent is established through the study of specific personalities and monumental innovations which have contributed to the development of the twenty-first century Christian performing artist. Educational rationale and precedent examines formal and non-formal educational environments where the Christian performing artist is trained and equipped as one called and set apart for service to God. The Christian performing artist is more than an artist who happens to be a Christian. The Gospel message of Jesus Christ is intertwined with the musical gifts of the artist to create the role of the Christian performing artist; one who has a ministry through performance.