Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Stephen Vandegriff


Black Baptist churches, Churchgoers, Church leaders, House of God, Relationship with Christ


African American Studies | Religion


The church was established as a place where sinners could come and find refuge for their souls. Getting people to feel secure in their relationship with Christ, many churchgoers have decided to stay away from church. Studies show for the past several decades’ church attendance declined in many Baptist churches across America by 61 percent. The roles of black males lack the leadership ability to lead in the home, as a husband, and in the family. Research has uncovered several issues which have shown because of this decline. Black Baptist churches in Florida are suffering from male leadership. Leadership must discover the problems that have caused people to withdraw from attending church. Several major issues have developed about attendance. This author will conduct face-to-face surveys with 10 participants who formerly attended church and 10 black men that do not go to church. This survey will comply data to decide the suitable approach to resolve the problem and develop programs to aid the churches. Josh 24:14 (NKJV) will be the foundation of this project as it identifies and brings concise information that will help in resolving this matter and spread it to church leaders. By it, they may adopt these methods as a tool to draw people back to the house of God. These facts are sure.