Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Rodney Dempsey


Discipleship, Ephesians 4, Missiology, Missional, Movemental, Spiritual Health




This project seeks to create a paradigm and plan that would generate a sustainable missional movement in America. America, since her founding, has been home to many revivals. However, there have only ever been two missional movements, the Methodist and Baptist in the 18th and 19th century. For decades, the American Church has watched the general population increase while church attendance, participation, and involvement decrease. While the American Church loses its impact on society, the Global South and Global East are experiencing missional movements. A new missional paradigm and plan is needed to reach America, especially as culture increasingly becomes hostile towards Jesus-followers. This project will provide a qualitative analysis of the missional roots in the early church in the New Testament, missional movements throughout church history, recent American sociological movements, and an anonymous survey to 30 church leaders. Based on this research, the project will illustrate how to create and sustain a missional movement in America. The project will inspire Christian leaders to remove the current ecclesiological philosophy and insert a missional paradigm into the DNA of their churches so that each Christ-follower is encouraged and equipped to become missionary agents in and for their communities.

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