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School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Sungtaek Kim


Meditating on the Word, Quiet Time, Spirituality


Christianity | Comparative Methodologies and Theories | Other Religion | Practical Theology | Religion


This study aims to investigate the effects of a quiet time (QT) ministry on the growth of Korean churches and develop a program to help urban churches grow through QT. Korean churches are in a severe slump these days; beyond stagnation, they are in the critical situation of evident and serious decline. The encroachment of secularization on the church, the spiritual corruption of pastoral leaders, and church splits caused by the lack of trust among church members all result from weakened relationships with God. The researcher has provided QT ministry for Siheung-dong Sarang Church for the last twelve years as its pastor: he transmits his QT results to church members via Kakao Talk (a Korean messaging app), and the members, in turn, share their meditation by sending comments in reply and applying it to their lives. Throughout the course of the ministry, there was a need for an appropriate QT program for the systematic faith training of Christians. This study aims to suggest a QT manual and method that are helpful to the growth of urban churches, as well as Siheung-dong Sarang Church, by analyzing cases of Korean churches that grew through QT and the historical effects of QT on the growth of faith. This study articulates the definition and functions of QT, and suggests a QT strategy that can be an alternative method for the recovery of spirituality in Korean churches as well as a change of course for the Christian’s life. Abtract length: 243 words