School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Leonard W Parker

Primary Subject Area

Education, Health




The purpose of this study was to evaluate current research on evidence-based practice (EBP) and best practices for school nurses addressing student asthma, as well as how school nurses integrate those practices with the IHP, the IEP, and other factors in daily practice. The objective of this study was is to explicate the framework for a qualitative meta-analysis of the existing research and literature addressing EBP and best practices. The method divided a general inquiry of research material, (in this case, best practices for school nurses treating asthma), into three categories: an analysis of theory, and analysis of methodology, and an analysis of findings. Triangulation of these three factors allowed a procedural approach to analyzing the collected data on best practices for school nurses with regard to student asthma. Results of the study offered three recommendations for best practice including proactive communication with other stakeholders, promotion of educational interventions, and teaching and reinforcing the principles of self-care for asthmatic students. The sources containing recommendations for school nurses managing student asthma did not directly address the definition of "best practice." The definitions and implementation of "best practice" are not consistent in the literature. Also, it may have been unnecessary to discuss the meaning or definition of "best practice" when making recommendations.

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