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School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Charlie Davidson


Accountability, Discipleship


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The emphasis on individualism in Western society has undermined the importance of accountability in human relationships. Many individuals see themselves as their own moral authority and are accountable to no one else. This idea has infiltrated the Western evangelical church. Western church members demonstrate a low level of accountability to their local church by failing to remain committed and involved, and by living lifestyles incompatible with church teachings. In response, few churches practice any form of church discipline, or even communicate expectations to church members. The result is a culture of self-centered and uncommitted church members. This project will argue that the undermining of biblical accountability by Western culture can be combated by the development and implementation of an effective Biblical strategy for drawing new believers into accountable relationships in the local church. The strategy will outline how accountability can be recovered through the communication of expectations with new members, and the establishment of vital accountable relationships within the context of small groups, mentorships, selfless service, and natural relationship building. Research for the project will involve current academic work on this subject and interviewing pastors or staff ministers of at least fifteen churches to determine present ministry needs and current ministry methods. This project will give pastors and churches an excellent biblical tool for establishing accountable relationships with church members.