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The majority of churches in America continue to suffer a numerical plateau or a decline in church growth. As a result of disobedience to God to follow His commandments in the making of disciples, the church also suffers from a flat lined, virtually non-existent, adult conversion rate. People of the world who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are not being evangelized by the church using the first century process of discipleship and therefore, the numbers of conversions to Christ are dismal. The modern day American Church needs to return to the first century process of making disciples and utilize the examples set forth by Jesus Christ, and the early apostles, of the discipleship process. A major focus of the discipleship process that is needed is the understanding, and the return, to the utilization of the small group format found in the model of Jesus Christ and the early apostles. This is the vehicle that the church of America needs to invest in to accomplish the will of God. Five Biblical principles will be revealed to aid the church to become obedient to the commandments of God and begin to make disciples for Christ. The aim of this project is to move all Christians to repent and return to God, to follow His commandments, to allow His love to bring the church back to a place of obedience to Jesus and to develop healthy disciples for His kingdom and glory.