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Christianity in South Korean experienced unusually rapid growth for almost 100 years: The revival of church members, the growth of prayer, worship, and evangelism. However, current Korean churches face many problems that have stopped the growth, and actually put the Korean church in a decline. The problems, but are not limited to, are unethical aspects of pastor; including tax problem, huge church constructions, and loving materials. Korean churches should know why these kinds of problems occur and what the solutions are. There are many studies regarding the development of Korean churches but there are few studies examining the problems of Korean churches. This is the reason why the researcher chose this topic. The problems and their causes need to be identified, and recommendations made to correct them, and prevent them from happening in the future. This project will seek to accomplish this. This study will include a search of literature including books, journals, newspapers and a survey of at least 40 ministers, professors, and scholars.