School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Elizabeth E. Hillman


Daily Progress Report, Google Apps for Education, MTSS, Parental Involvement, Parent-teacher Communication SWPBIS


Education | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Leadership | Educational Methods | Educational Psychology | Other Education


In this age of data based decision making and accountability, parent involvement and data collection are paramount. This study represents a significant contribution to educational research by extending the understanding of home-school communication media with specific regard to daily progress reports. The purpose of this study was to compare communication scores of parents of student using paper daily progress reports with communication scores of parents of student using electronic daily progress reports. This quasi-experimental posttest only control group design research study compared survey results of parents (N = 45) of middle school students currently using a DPR as part of an intervention in a middle school located in central Connecticut. The survey instrument was the Parental Academic Support Scale (PASS) containing five subscales: Academic Performance, Classroom Behavior, Preparation, Hostile Peer Interactions, and Health. Independent t tests were conducted to discover whether the mean communication scores between groups of parents were significantly different. A chi-square (χ2) analysis was conducted to evaluate difference in media preference between groups. Significant differences in communication practices and preferences were found. Parents of children using electronic daily progress reports practiced more regular communication with teachers. Likewise, parent media preferences were significantly different between groups. Recommendations for further research are discussed.