School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Ellen Lowrie Black

Primary Subject Area

Education, Administration


biblical, Christian, worldview


Educational Administration and Supervision


Abstract Mark K. Wood. A STUDY OF THE BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW OF K-12 CHRISTIAN SCHOOL EDUCATORS. (Under the direction of Dr. Ellen Lowrie Black) School of Education, November, 2008. This study was designed to investigate the influence of six factors on the biblical Christian worldview of Christian school educators as measured by The Nehemiah Institute’s PEERS (2003) worldview assessment. The study sample consisted of 141 Christian school educators from six different Christian schools; three Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) located in Idaho, and three Association of Classical & Christian Schools (ACCS) located in Idaho, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. A causal-comparative design was utilized and scores were analyzed using independent samples t-tests. The six factors under study are: raised in a Christian or a non-Christian home; graduated from a Christian or a public high school; earned an undergraduate or graduate degree from a Christian university or a public university; worked at the elementary or secondary level; employed by a school affiliated with and accredited by ACSI or ACCS; and, taught in Christian schools fewer than 10 years or 10 years or more. No significant differences were found in five of the six factors. A significant difference was found in the results for ACSI and ACCS affiliated and accredited schools. The difference between the means of the ACSI and ACCS participants was nearly 20 points, suggesting a more biblical Christian worldview on the part of ACCS educators. In addition, a significant difference was noted between genders. Suggestions for further research are also included.