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Fred Milacci


faith-based, leadership, online, virtual


Education | Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Leadership | Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration | Online and Distance Education


The purpose of this instrumental case study is to investigate the leadership characteristics of the lead administrator at East Online Academy (EOA). At this stage in the research, characteristics will be generally defined as the daily actions that affect the success or failure of leading the organization. The term "lead administrator" will refer to any individual who is the overall leader of the organization. The lead administrator for this study will be the director of the online school. The rationale for the study is a void in the literature addressing the characteristics of an administrator in the daily operation of a successful online school. The primary question is "What are the leadership experiences unique to serving as the lead administrator of an online school?" The setting will include the EOA and the participants will include the director (lead administrator), the principal, and teachers of the organization. Data was collected from interviews, prolonged observation and document analysis.