Swing into Spring


Swing into Spring



In this assignment, we choose to do a swing bench. Our design shows movement by the swinging of the swing from the ropes. For Gestalt theory, we decided to incorporate closure as one of our pieces of design in our project. This is shown through the pergola and how it encloses and puts a border around the swing. The color of it also gives an enclosed feeling due to the darkness of the wood stain. If this were built to a scale that someone could sit in it, it would feel like its own space but it also lets in the natural air and light because of the gaps in the post above.

In our project, we also wanted to include similarity. This is shown with the wood planks being all the same length and size. Also the pillows we used to show similarity in the project. This helps tie in the project and make it look sophisticated but classy and simple. We wanted the pergola to have a simple but peaceful feel because it is supposed to be a comfortable place to hang out and relax. For our colors, we wanted there to be closer so we chose dark wood stain. But also we wanted it to feel light and relaxing so we added whites and blue shades to incorporate that light airy feel. We feel like this project turned out the way we wanted but we had a few bumps in the road with staining the wood. Furthermore, our project is a success in our minds for what we wanted to accomplish.


Interior Design, Gestalt Theory


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Swing into Spring