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La Medusa



The tenants of the Gestalt Theory that we decided to represent are the Theories of Symmetry, Similarity, and Continuity. We have represented these tenants in the form of a three-dimensional jellyfish. In our design, symmetry is seen in the structure; similarity, or pattern, is seen in the placement of the balloons, and continuity is seen in the tentacles.

During the programming phase, we discussed many different materials we could use to make the jellyfish and decided to use a foam dome, balloons, and streamers. However, making the jellyfish with these materials proved tedious and difficult to maintain. In our final design, we ended up using a clear bowl, tissue paper, balloons, floral garland, PVC pipe, and fishing line to make our jellyfish really come to life and be interactive.


Interior Design, Gestalt Theory


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La Medusa