Stormy Day


Stormy Day



Inspiration: This all started from a spark of an idea that one of us had seen through Pinterest. With lots of brainstorming, we decided to go with the idea of a thunderstorm since we all loved nature. The next step that continued to inspire us was the bounding ideas off of each other about what kind of supplies we would use. The narrowed down supply list came to foam board, colored paper, hot glue, sewing stuffing, lights, and fishing string. Following this decision, the inspiration part turned into the process of the project.

The Process: This was a very exciting part of the project. Shopping for our supplies was the first part of the process section of how we would achieve the next steps of assembling. During the beginning phase of the assembling part, it took some time to figure out what all of us were envisioning and coming up with a concrete plan. Once we completed this plan, we started to cut out the raindrops, lightning bolts, and the middle of the clouds. This part of the project was the longest to assemble out of the other elements that we were creating because of the surface area of the material. While the clouds were being assembled, we also lightly glittered each of the cut-out raindrops and lightning bolts with glitter. The glitter was used to create a realistic feel to the nature of the elements. The final steps of the assembling process were stringing the cutouts of raindrops and lightning to sections of fishing line. During this step, lights were stringed onto the three clouds to make them more visually appealing to the audience. This lighting addition also creates a natural glow that one would see in a real thunderstorm. Once everything was strung together, we hot glued the raindrops and lightning bolts underneath the clouds. The very last part of this project is presenting our displayed project within the Jerry Falwell Library.

Law of Similarity: For our group project we based it off of one of the laws of the Gestalt Theory, the Law of Similarity., we grouped similar items together within a large form to create some form of continuity. The clouds create a form of continuity because there are three of them so they create a line of some sort, and the raindrops and lightning bolds create a form of continuity because they are all straight and go down which creates a line. The law of similarity is used to represent a thunderstorm and the similarity about how a thunderstorm creates a form of continuity because it groups rain, thunder, lightning, and clouds together to create a thunderstorm.


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Stormy Day