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Project Runway



Gestalt Theory is the way people organize and make decisions when presented with visual stimuli. One of the laws of this theory is the Law of Continuation. This law explains that elements that are arranged in a line of curve are perceived to be more related than elements not on the line or curve. In this project, the continuation can be seen through the planes. The sky and the runway are two separate entryways, however, they are connected through the diagonal pathway of the planes. This allows it to be viewed as a whole rather than two separate things. Planes are either in the air or on the runway when in motion. Through Gestalt's theories, we are able to associate the sky and the ground with each other through the use of airplanes.

Another way this project exemplifies Gestalt Theory is through the Law of Proximity. The law states that things closer to each other appear more related than things further apart. Airplanes are usually seen alone in the sky. However, the planes are 'flying' in close proximity to each other, therefore, it is perceived as a group of airplanes. The group of planes flying in the sky is being led in a diagonal line, which makes the viewer associate them all as if they are following one another.


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Project Runway