Nature's Scale


Nature's Scale



For our project, We have created a wooden scale that weighs two varying plants on either end. As a team, we decided to present a project that highlights two tenants of the Gestalt Theory,, the first being the law of symmetry. This law can be found through the wooden scale itself, proportionally symmetrical on either end. Although one may be heavier than the other, they both come from the same family, being that they are plants, which provides that basis of similarity.

To begin, as a group we gathered together the materials we would need to create the scale. Once gathering all our materials, we began the building process. For the building process, we first drilled together the two wooden dowels to create the "seesaw" portion of the scale. Then, we securely drilled the wooden dowel into the wooden base. Once we had the raw scale built, we then added the two hanging macrame glass plant holders to either side using hot glue. Once the glue dried, it was time for the decorative process.

The decorations used for this project make up a large portion of the scale, so as a group we put much thought and effort into deciding what we wanted the final result to look like. We decided to paint the two wooden dowels white, and the wooden base green. We then wrapped both fake vines and fairy lights around the wooden dowels, glued thick twine around the wooden base, and finally placed the plants and pebbles into the glass bowls to finish it off.


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Nature's Scale