The Domino Effect


The Domino Effect



Gestalt Theory is a concept in design that states "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It employs a visual perception of putting components together." In keeping this concept in mind our team created "The Domino Effect." We were inspired by the continuous flow of dominos as they fall. The Law of Continuation states that "We see things as continued, rather than separate." We first began this project with a mind map and that is where we brainstormed the concept of using dominos as an accurate representation of Gestalt Theory.

Then during the programming phase, we researched different museum designs related to dominos. Next, the Schematic Design phase where we sketched out what this model would look like and what kind of design/color scheme we would put on the 3D domino model. During the Design and Development phase and the Contract Administration phase, we used small cereal boxes as our base and covered them in the paper. Then we added designs to all the paper boxes creating a cohesive and visually interesting piece. We used secondary colors such as orange, green, and purple to create unity within our cohesive color scheme. Lastly, we then used a diamond shape to represent the dots on our dominos. We now encourage you to observe and test out our project celebrating Gestalt Theory called "The Domino Effect!"


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The Domino Effect