We Hold the Light


We Hold the Light



Celebrating the Tenants of Gestalt Theory

Our group chose the gestalt theory of figure ground. The figure ground principle states people instinctively perceive objects as being either in the foreground or the background. They either stand out prominently in the front (The figure) or recede into the background (the ground). We chose this concept because we think that it has a unique look to it no matter what the image is. Moreover, we knew that whatever we decided that it would be an eye-catching project.

Since our group decided to use law of figure ground as our gestalt theory, we had to find ideas on how to create a physical representation of the theory. We researched different examples of figure ground and gathered ideas from a few different pictures. We found one picture that really sparked our interest and gave us the perfect idea. As a group, we came up with the plan to use a cardboard box as the main piece and cut the lightbulb shape. Lastly, we put an actual light inside the box so that when it lights up it creates light within the lightbulb cutout. We also had to make this part of the project interactive for those viewing it, so the light inside the box will have a button that sits outside of the box so that people passing by can turn the light on and off to see the figure as they please. Overall, what our project represents, referencing the title, is how Christians we hold the light. We hold the light of the world which is the truth of Jesus Christ and his gift of salvation.


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We Hold the Light