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Our group created a colorful pendulum to represent two main concepts of the Gestalt Theory. The main tenants of the Gestalt Theory our team focused on were the Law of Continuation and the Law of Symmetry. First, the Law of Continuation was displayed by hanging three wooden balls in a row, equally spaced. The "line" the balls create, drags the eyes down to the last ball at the end. Second, the Law of Symmetry was present because of the colors displayed by the balls. The middle ball is pink, and the two outside balls are gold. In other words, the right side of the balls reflects the left side. Thirdly, motion is displayed because the balls were able to swing and be manipulated by the viewer.

The materials for the construction of the pendulum consisted of three wooden balls, 2x4x10 wooden board, 3 1/2 inch multi-purpose screws, 80 grit sanding block, three cans of spray paint, one wooden skewer, and a clear cord/string to hang the balls.


Interior Design, Gestalt Theory