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For this project we decided to create a fall themed pop-up book in order to implement the 3D criteria of the assignment and have it be interactive by allowing viewers to open and close the book. In class we have learned about the 6 gestalt theories and how to apply them to design. The 6 theories are: similarity, closure, proximity, continuation, symmetry and figure-ground. For this project, we decided to implement the law of symmetry and continuity. We showed symmetry by choosing to have a book as our project, as a book has symmetry by opening and closing evenly on both sides. Another way we showed symmetry is by having a 3D symmetrical tree in the middle of the book when you open it. For continuity, we added handing yarn to the tree branches to show aligned elements perceived as grouped together.

As a group, we were successful at creating the book. We didn't have any issues coming up with an idea and producing it. We believe this project came out just as we envisioned as a group. The only obstacle we encountered was finding time to work on the project as a group outside of class. We all have very full and busy schedules, but we found a way to successfully work on the project by using the class time we had to talk about what each of us wanted for the project and then assigning tasks for each person in the group to do at their own time so each of us could interact with and add to the project.

This project was a learning experience for all of us and it allowed us to really think about what we have learned in class and apply it to a 3D model. This assignment is one of the many things preparing us to be better designers. This assignment also taught us time management and being able to work with a group of people on a project. Which will be an asset to us when we start our careers.


Interior Design, Gestalt Theory