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This project is based on the different principles of Gestalt theory. This theory was created by German and Austrian psychologists who considered elements that are used for design to be "completed as a whole rather than a sum of parts." This means that there should be different principles included in order for a design to be complete. For this project, our group decided to use three well known principles of design, which are the law of continuation, proximity, and symmetry. While we were told to demonstrate an object of one that is in motion, these three tenants of Gestalt theory helped further our creativity. We were able to construct a movable design that is easy to work, colorful, unique, and fun to play with.

This project is inspired by the design of dominoes in the way they fall when they are knocked over. While this project is similar in the way they fall, we were able to make it in a more creative and fun way. First, the law of continuation is seen in the way the blocks are layered and continue in a straight path. Next, the law of proximity is important for our design to function correctly. Without close proximity with one another the blocks would not be able to fall as easily, nor would they be able to be pulled back up through the use of the beaded string. Finally, we included the law of symmetry into our designing process so that our project looked organized and symmetrical, not losing focus on the actual function of the design.

While learning about the different Gestalt theories, our team fully and effectively demonstrated the tenants required of us through this project. With the help of understanding each principle and their meanings, we were able to represent Gestalt theory well through the use of closeness, the form of continuation and the use of symmetry by showing a well-balanced idea and making it come to life through motion.


Interior Design, Gestalt Theory