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For this project, our team implemented the Gestalt theory, Continuation. Continuation in design creates a continuous movement of elements rather than separated, static objects, which compels the human eye to follow its path. Because the parameters of the assignment required movement, it seemed natural to incorporate continuation in our project. Upon generating ideas through mind mapping, we envisioned a repeating material, such as wooden stairs, to support and direct and infinite cascade of water that would lead the viewer's eyes downstream.

In order to realize our concept, in the programming phase, we chose a wooden material as our stabilizing structure and a clear container to incapsulate the water and accurately reflect natural elements of a waterfall. Additionally we gathered faux greenery and rocks to create a lush setting for our focal point. During the schematic and design development phase, we sketched and proposed models for the overall construction. We then assembled the wooden structure with nails to provide a stable structure to support our continuation of floating wood stairs. Finally, a water pump inside the clear container of water ushered the waterfall to the top of the stairs and back into the container without assistance.


Interior Design, Gestalt Theory