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This group project challenges you to think outside the box. The main challenges for this project were to create a sculpture that demonstrates one of Gestalt's principles of design and was capable of movement. The movement was the tricky part for us and we spent a long time brainstorming. We finally had the idea to work with the shapes of flowers that could move like pinwheels. Our flowers spin when pushed, but we ask you try it gently. The orange flower spins the easiest out of all of them. Sadly, the fabric only flowers don't spin.

When we started working with flower shapes, we realized we could work with Gestalt's principles of closure, continuation, and proximity. Starting with the concept of a flower vase this demonstrates Gestalt's principle of proximity. Starting with the concept of a flower vase this demonstrates Gestalt's principle of proximity. People group things together when they are close to each other and a flower bouquet is the perfect example of this. The second principle you see in our work is continuation. Continuation is the way our minds sees segments of a line as a continuous line. This is most commonly demonstrated in plaid where we see the lines of a color as one line. In our project this is used on the various flowers such as a circle on the orange flower, and the black and white fabric on the golden flower.

The law of closure might not be evident at first glance on our design, but it is there in the details. On the orange flower there is a purple line that goes around the edges that we see as a full circle even though there are spaces between the lines. While making this design we tried to be more creative with our materials and designs than just paper flowers. Fabric was incorporated, along with popsicle sticks, wire from hangers, hot glue, paint, erasers, and a couple more supplies making a full bouquet filled with patterned flowers and 'greenery'. This project was well put together when we were all able to work together and incorporate all of our ideas.


Interior Design, Gestalt Theory