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Creation Date

Fall 2020


The 2020 FACS 200 class picture for the Theory in Action group project.

For this assignment, students will work together to create a project that physically moves while celebrating one or more of the tenants of Gestalt Theory. The project can be made of any medium and there are no parameters on size or shape. It should be able to be viewed from all angles as it will be on display in the JFL and must be stout enough to withstand the public interacting or touching it.

In addition to the project, the team will create an 8.5x11, vertically oriented write up explaining their project to the general public. The sheet will include the following: Team member’s names, Theory in Action: Celebrating the tenants of Gestalt Theory, and 2-3 paragraphs that explain how your team achieved the goals of the assignment.


Interior Design, Gestalt Theory