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"Women in the Life and Teachings of Jesus." from Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, eds. John Piper and Wayne Grudem. p 113-123. Wheaton, Ill : Crossway Bks, 1991. To download the entire book, visit


This chapter has two goals: (1) to show that Jesus placed a high value on women, and (2) to show that Jesus recognized role distinctions for men and women. Jesus’ high regard for women is seen in how He recognized their intrinsic equality with men, in how He ministered to women, and in the dignity He accorded to women during his ministry. Jesus’ recognition of role distinctions for men and women is demonstrated by His choosing only men to serve as His apostles with their primary tasks of preaching, teaching, and governing. Women, however, served in other important capacities, such as praying, providing financial assistance, ministering to physical needs, voicing their theological understanding, and witnessing to the resurrection.