The History of Apologetics: A Biographical and Methodological Introduction

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The History of Apologetics follows the great apologists in the history of the church to understand how they approached the task of apologetics in their own cultural and theological context. Each chapter looks at the life of a well-known apologist from history, unpacks their methodology, and details how they approached the task of defending the faith.

By better understanding how apologetics has been done, readers will be better able to grasp the contextualized nature of apologetics and apply those insights to today's context. The History of Apologetics covers forty-four apologists including:

Part One: Patristic Apologists

  • Justin Martyr by Gerald Bray
  • Irenaeus of Lyons by Stephen O. Presley
  • Athenagoras of Athens by W. Brian Shelton
  • Tertullian of Carthage by Bryan M. Litfin
  • Origen by A. Chadwick Thornhill
  • Athanasius of Alexandria by Jonathan Morgan
  • Augustine of Hippo by Chad Meister

Part Two: Medieval Apologists

  • John of Damascus by Daniel J. Janosik
  • Theodore Abu Qurrah by Byard Bennett
  • Timothy I of Baghdad by Edward L. Smither and Trevor Castor
  • Anselm of Canterbury by Edward N. Martin and Steven B. Cowan
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas by Francis J. Beckwith and Shawn Floyd
  • Ramon Lull by Greg Peters
  • Gregory Palamas by Byard Bennett

Part Three: Early Modern Apologists

  • Hugo Grotius by Bryan Baise
  • Blaise Pascal by Tyler Dalton McNabb and Michael R. DeVito
  • Jonathan Edwards by Michael McClymond
  • William Paley by Charles Taliaferro
  • Joseph Butler by David McNaughton

Part Four: 19th C. Apologists

  • Simon Greenleaf by Craig A. Parton
  • John Henry Newman by Corneliu C. Simut
  • Søren Kierkegaard by Sean A. Turchin and Christian Kettering
  • James Orr by Ronnie Campbell
  • B. B. Warfield by Kim Riddlebarger

Part Five: 20th C. American Apologists

  • J. Gresham Machen by D. G. Hart
  • Cornelius Van Til by K. Scott Oliphint
  • Gordon Haddon Clark by Robert A. Weathers
  • Francis A. Schaeffer by William Edgar
  • Edward John Carnell by Steven A. Hein

Part Six: 20th C. European Apologists

  • A. E. Taylor by Michael O. Obanla and David Baggett
  • G. K. Chesterton by Ralph Wood
  • Dorothy Sayers by Amy Orr-Ewing
  • C. S. Lewis by Alister McGrath
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Matthew D. Kirkpatrick
  • Lesslie Newbigin by Krish Kandiah

Part Seven: Contemporary Apologists

  • John Warwick Montgomery by Craig A. Parton
  • Charles Taylor by Bruce Riley Ashford and Matthew Ng
  • Alvin Plantinga by James Beilby
  • Richard Swinburne by Greg Welty
  • Ravi Zacharias by Jo Vitale and Vince Vitale
  • William Lane Craig by R. Keith Loftin
  • Gary R. Habermas by W. David Beck and Benjamin C. F. Shaw
  • Alister E. McGrath by James K. Dew and Jordan Steffaniak
  • Timothy Keller by Joshua D. Chatraw



Publisher: Zondervan Academic (June 16, 2020)

ISBN: 978-1310559412

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