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No matter how the problems of today are defined, increasingly the world believes that the only viable solutions are of a global nature. Everywhere we turn, globalism is being talked about and touted as the only answer to mankind’s problems. I agree wholeheartedly with Dr. LaHaye’s recent comment that “Two of the signs all pre-trib prophecy scholars most watch for are Israel and global government.”1 No doubt that Israel is God’s super sign of the end-times. And in concert with Israel’s recent rise is the development of a global consciousness for the first time since the Tower of Babel.

In that same August issue of Pre-Trib Perspectives to which I just quoted from Dr. LaHaye, I wrote an article on “Signs of The Times and Prophetic Fulfillment.” I noted that we appear to be at the end of the church age because God is currently setting the stage for the next phase of history, known as the Tribulation. I said, “we can see that already God is preparing or setting the stage of the world in which the great drama of the tribulation will unfold. In this way this future time casts shadows of expectation in our own day so that current events provide discernable signs of the times.”2