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By the time you read this piece, the United States will likely be at war with Iraq—the ancient people of Babylon. Is this war prophetically significant? Does the Bible have anything to say about Babylon’s role in the future? Is Babylon in the Bible related to modern day Iraq?

These questions can be solved by answering the question of whether or not all biblical reference to Babylon should be understood literally? I believe that they are. Dr. Charles Dyer says, “The Bible mentions Babylon over two hundred and eighty times, and many of those references are to the future city of Babylon that is rising from the fine sands of the desert today.”1 In fact, next to Jerusalem, Babylon is the second most frequently mentioned city in the Bible. But, what is her prophetic destiny? To properly understand these matters we must first start our journey by exploring Babylon’s past, since her nativity helps to explain her future role.