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No one disputes the fact that America has a unique history during which it became, and continues to be a preeminent feature in global affairs. The recent war in Iraq is but one example. In a quarter of a millennium it has become a nation unlike any other nation in the history of the world. In some respects, it rivals nations with much longer histories. Yet the Bible is remarkably silent when speaking about the role of America in Bible prophecy. Dr. Tim LaHaye writes, "One of the hardest things for American prophecy students to accept is that the United States is not clearly mentioned in Bible prophecy, yet our nation is the only superpower in the world today."

Dr. LaHaye has put his finger upon the source that likely generates the often ask question, “How does America fit into Bible prophecy?” Rarely, if ever, does anyone ask, “How does Mexico, or Canada, or Chile fit into Bible prophecy?” The United States has a strong Christian heritage and is currently the world’s only superpower. Since many Christians believe that we are near the end of the age, it is hard to envision a prophetic scenario which excludes America—the world’s most influential nation. Yet, other nations are the focus of biblical prophecy.