Interview: 2009-01-08

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This is an interview for the Oral History Project of Liberty University. Copyrighted material. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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Dr. Spohn was born on February 22, 1946. His father was career military and his family moved many times. He spent several years growing up in Germany. Dr. Spohn was educated at Miami University in Ohio and received his PhD from Texas Tech University. He came to work at Liberty University in the summer of 1987 teaching in the areas of biology and creationism. Dr. Spohn has participated in a research grant to study the endangered Peaks of Otter salamander. He has taught English as a language at a Christian South Korean University and has spoken on Creationism at the Russian Academy. Dr. Spohn served as the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences from 1996 – 2000. He is currently part of the teaching faculty of the biology department of Liberty University.

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