Dr. Mills was born and raised in Michigan. He attended Western Michigan University and received his degree in engineering. He worked in the defense industry and did his graduate level work at Wayne State University. Dr. Mills taught graduate level management courses to military personnel and developed external degree programs to support his courses. He headed the external degree program for Charlestown University in West Virginia. Dr. Mills joined Liberty University in 1978 and was the first Provost of Liberty. He also worked with Liberty on the accreditation process and building design. He left for a short period starting in 1985 to be the president of Christian Heritage College but returned to Liberty University in 1988. For the past several years Dr. Mills has been working extensively with the accrediting agency Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools also known as T.R.A.C.S.


Submissions from 2009


Interview: 2009-07-01, Cline E. Hall, Randy Miller, Earl Mills, and Abigail Ruth Sattler