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Patients with psoriasis are at an increased risk for depression. Despite this risk, many dermatology care providers do not screen for depression in practice, including providers at the target practice for this project. This evidence-based practice pilot project was purposed to increase dermatology providers’ assessment of depression in patients with psoriasis. This project involved implementing a depression screening protocol at one private dermatology practice and educating providers on the use of the protocol including the embedded depression screening tool, the Patient Health Questionnaire-9. The project leader used a quasi-experimental design and collected data utilizing retrospective chart reviews completed pre- and post-intervention. The measurable outcomes for this project included the number of depression screenings documented versus the number of patients with psoriasis seen during a 30-day period pre- and post-intervention. This project revealed both clinical and statistical improvement of depression screening post-intervention supporting that provider assessment of depression in patients with psoriasis was enhanced with the implementation of a screening protocol. The results of this project have important implications for enhancing depression screening for patients with psoriasis in dermatology care settings.