Oral Sucrose for Neonatal Pain: Perception of Jordanian Nurses

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


Background: Neonatal pain management using sucrose has been an established practice in Western countries. However, in the developing world, the practice is still not widely accepted. Neonatal nurses' perceptions about the neonatal pain experience and efficacy of oral sucrose may influence that decision.

Purpose: To investigate Jordanian neonatal nurses' perceptions about the use of oral sucrose for neonatal pain.

Design and sample: A cross-sectional descriptive design was used to collect data from 191 neonatal nurses working in 3 different hospital settings in northern and middle central Jordan.

Main outcome variables: Knowledge and perception of Jordanian nurses about neonatal pain and oral sucrose and their relationship to demographic variables.

Results: More than half of nurses had knowledge deficit about pain management. Fifty-five percent of the nurses had a positive perception toward pain assessment tools, and the majority indicated positive opinion toward oral sucrose usage. Demographic factors can impact their perceptions.

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