School of Health Sciences


Master of Science in Human Performance (MS)


Andrew Bosak


General Nutritional Knowledge Questionnaire-Revised, BMI, Obesity, disease, assessment, student


Health and Physical Education


Background: High school student nutritional knowledge is an under-researched demographic in the U.S. The present study aimed to explore the general nutritional knowledge of high school students and examine if there are any differences between sex, grade level, and BMI. Methods: The General Nutritional Knowledge Questionnaire-Revised (GNKQ-R) was employed to measure the nutritional knowledge level of a sample of local high school students enrolled in a food sciences/culinary arts class. Data were analyzed using GNU PSPP and Microsoft Excel 2016. Results: The results indicated although differences existed between the groups there were no statistical differences between gender, BMI, and grade level among the students. The overall knowledge scores of the sample showed 49.1% of students had moderate nutritional knowledge. Conclusions: The present study shows the need for nutritional education in high schools is something that should be addressed with educators to ensure students are provided the information needed to make informed nutritional decisions into adulthood.