School of Music


Master of Arts in Music and Worship (MA)


Jerry Newman


Worship Pastors, Dissatisfied Followers, Jesus's Prayer Life


Leadership Studies | Liturgy and Worship


This study shows the life and mission of Jesus through His interactions with conflict and will show how worship pastors can apply these lessons to the church. Detailing Jesus's prayer life and His approach to interacting with others, examining the approach worship leaders should have when interacting with similar people. The report will concentrate on three areas of study, including Jesus's prayer life, his ministry, and how the worship pastor can create a church that parallels Christ. Jesus' ministry and discussions with the Pharisees show worship pastors how they should approach church members. This discussion is due to the struggles with ministry and how worship pastors face difficult situations, like Jesus's ministry. The research finds themes of love, compassion, service, and mercy that a servant leader needs to process. These qualities are essential for a meaningful worship pastor to overcome adversity. Worship leaders need to study the life of Jesus when dealing with the church Pharisees and develop regard, care, and benevolence for people. When observing and mirroring the heart of Jesus, the worship pastor can become a strong influence. This research will study Jesus's interactions and give application to the worship pastor's ministry.