School of Music


Master of Arts in Music and Worship (MA)


Paul Rumrill


Arranging, Composition, Choir, Orchestra, Bradley Knight, Christian Music Theory, Music Theory, Worship, Church Worship




While there is a plethora of music arrangers within the Christian and gospel music industries, Bradley Knight’s arranging style and techniques have shown to set him apart among contemporary arrangers. The combination of musical techniques that uniquely contribute to Knight’s choral and orchestral arrangements include distinct rhythmic choices, intricate harmonies within orchestration and choral parts, and dynamic instrumental and vocal builds. Utilizing a qualitative approach, this study will use descriptive and exploratory research design to explain both the specific techniques and cultural contexts within the greater gospel genre that fashion Knight’s arrangements. While gospel music, choral arrangements, and contemporary music arranging techniques are all studied extensively in journal articles and other scholarly resources, research about Bradley Knight’s music arranging techniques is not present in current educational sources. Additionally, there are few sources available that discuss Bradley’s specific style of arranging – one that is very different from the current arranging trends within the CCM industry. As Knight's arrangements are used worldwide, a study on the components that are characteristic of his signature sound is warranted. In accomplishing this, an analysis of the implementation of Knight’s arrangements within modern worship teams may benefit church worship leaders. Additionally, studying Knight’s arrangements may empower readers to build their knowledge of the music arranging process, while expanding their own arranging techniques. This study may benefit institutions of higher education and churches worldwide, broadening the research and discussions of the arranging of Christian music, the gospel music industry, and Christian music publishing as a whole.

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