Rawlings School of Divinity


Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics (MA)


Robert Talley


christianity, transgender




Adolescents' mental health has been at the forefront of counseling for many years. As adolescents endure the physical and hormonal changes that occur during the formative years from 10-19, many feel confused and uncomfortable in their bodies. Throughout the decades, adolescents, specifically girls, searched for a way to ease the feelings experienced during that time. As a result, many issues have been prevalent among adolescent girls, such as eating disorders, cutting, suicidal ideations, sexual activity, and gender dysphoria. Utilizing studies completed by mental health professionals, this thesis seeks to identify the impact this acceptance and freedom to choose one’s gender has had on the mental health of adolescents. At the core of this and every issue listed is the issue of identity. Identity rooted in the biblical worldview can provide the stability adolescents need to navigate the challenges faced during that developmental time. This paper includes definitions of gender, as well as explores current theories on gender dysphoria from both the secular and biblical viewpoint. The analysis of the therapeutic approaches proposes that a return to the biblical view of gender would be in the best interest of adolescent girls and support their mental health. The study concludes with a proposal for future research and recommendations for counselors working with adolescents who have gender dysphoria.

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