School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Joshua E Wilson


Design, Art, Education, Art Education, Art History, Art History Education


Art and Design


It has often been asked throughout the history of mankind what classifies beauty within an artwork. When observing some of the outstanding works of Leonardo DaVinci or Sandro Botticelli, a few of the great masters of the Renaissance, there is no problem teaching students about what makes those artists’ work beautiful. What about the artistic work from the past two hundred years to the current art being produced today? I have found through my own personal journey as an artist that there is a severe lack of promotion for creative gifts being used for God within the Christian communities (and even more so an appreciation for the role of the modern artist). As a Christian, I was always taught that Jesus loved me and had a purpose for me but I was not necessarily taught that my artistic talents could be a part of that purpose. I later on knew and believed that He gave me talents and gifts to be used for Him. It is important that other students in like-minded situations with artistic talents and gifts learn this as well. It is my intention through this paper to propose my design solution on how to properly educate students on the concept of beauty as defined by the Bible through the Modern and Contemporary art movements. I will prove if there is any way someone (more specifically, a student) of a Christian faith can relate the artwork of these art movements to the Biblical definition of beauty. I discuss the research, writing, and design process that was taken to create an elementary academic/interactive book that analyzes art from the Modern and Contemporary art movements seeking to classically educate the student or reader from a Christian perspective.