College of Arts and Sciences


Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing


Durrell Nelson


Screenplay, Post-Apocalyptic, Generation Z, Christian Values, Christianity, Secular Film, Zombie Film, Coming of Age, Closing Gaps in Film, Creative Writing, Film, Screenwriting


Creative Writing | Film and Media Studies


Echo’s Calling is a screenplay written with the intention to relate to modern teenagers and young adults (Generation Z) and teach them the Christian values of forgiveness, love, and acceptance. According to research, Generation Z relates to post-apocalyptic narratives because they feel as if they are currently living in the apocalypse. Their dismal worldview is perpetuated by negative news, “cancel culture,” and the media. Despite all this, Generation Z strives for a better future free from hate. In order to produce such a future, the Christian values of forgiveness, love, and acceptance need to be relatable and teachable to Generation Z. Therefore, through cultural artifacts like the post-apocalyptic screenplays, Maze Runner: The Death Cure, Warm Bodies, and A Quiet Place, teenagers and young adults can relate to and learn from their inherent Christian values. Artifacts and stories like the aforementioned screenplays are vital models and guidebooks for young generations to create a successful positive future.